2020 Acura MDX Pickup Truck Redesign, Changes, & Performance

2020 Acura MDX Pickup Truck Redesign, Changes, & Performance – The most up-to-date studies incorporated some tales about Honda and the new pickup truck. You must read through something about the new Ridgeline Type R performance-oriented model. It seems rather beautiful. And how about the Acura Pickup Truck? Indeed, that is exactly the subject of the most up-to-date gossips. Is it a creative imagination by enthusiasts, or genuine accounts caused by teaser vehicle that sprang out on the internet, we nevertheless never know. But, whenever we place altogether, the scenario has some foundation.

Acura Pickup Truck

Acura Pickup Truck


First of all, Honda is shedding combat in the compact pickup market. Its Ridgeline requirements a invigorate. On the contrary, the success of Acura crossovers and SUVs inspires enthusiasts to take into consideration the feasible Acura Pickup Truck. So, the new vehicle will be a blend of the existing models. Honda Ridgeline would use the platform and probably engines, although the interior styling and body could be more Acura-like. We love the idea. But, what we know so far about this?

Fairly recently, makes made an appearance on the internet with the truck-like Acura MDX. But, the company refused this is a recognized teaser. In the meantime, we’ve listened to that idea originates from China. The concept involves a four-door cab we can easily discover on MDX. On the back, we notice a bed, but it really is doubtful how it could be included to present crossover. Up front is defend grille. However, this feature is not in use anymore. Interior is certainly Acura’s. Two-tone colors and dashboard fix the suspense. Despite the fact that Honda rubbished off these promises, we believe the Acura Pickup Truck is probable. Well, the luxury market is not very packed. So, the new model will have a lot fewer worries about the competition. Also, the Acura Truck will be an excellent mixture of Honda Ridgeline’s utility and MDX’s components. The pickup is heading to be ready to pull but to offer you some cool infotainment features. The downside is undoubtedly a price since Ridgeline expenses just under $30,000. On the other hand, Acura MDX is not available under $45,000. By merging these two, the new pickup truck cannot be less expensive than $40k, and it is even likely to cost over $50k.


The body and the engine of the new Honda Ridgeline are a very good start. The truck is 210 inches long. That fits into a mid-size, or compact sector. Wheelbase is 125 inches, width 78 in, and elevation 70 in. seven inches of terrain clearance is not so great for the off-road drive. Acura MDX provides 8 inches. So, the truck could possibly be lifted a bit. The only engine available for the Ridgeline truck is a 3.5-liter V-6. This is one of the most long-lasting devices in the market, so there is no shock we are finding the exact same drivetrain under the hood of Acura MDX. However, the identical unit delivers 280 hp for truck and 290 horsepower for crossover. MDX also gives 5 lb-ft of torque more. That is not all because the mid-size SUV is lighter in weight and it even returns 1 mpg much more on a highway run.

Acura Pickup Truck Specs

Acura Pickup Truck Specs

Finally, the crossover has one much more drivetrain as optional. However, we hesitation that Acura Pickup Truck might be a hybrid. But, it is not impossible. By mixing a 3.0-liter petrol engine with an electric battery, designers made a hybrid that could place out 320 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque. Its fuel economy remains to be the exact same for highway ride but complements 27 mpg with urban drive mileage.


Before we go straight into the cabin, we are able to check out cab configurations of the Ridgeline. While we used various themes on its competition, this truck only uses a 4-door Crew Cab. So, the Acura Pickup Truck will definitely feature the exact same design. Effectively, even though there are other possibilities, the luxury model will use the most comfortable option. For the simplest access, that is a 4-door version.

The interior of the Acura Pickup will bring most of the features and systems we could discover in MDX crossover. Sports seats with leather shaping are standard. Upper versions will certainly get genuine leather. Heating and 12-way realignment power seats are available for front seats. Keyless technology has evolved very considerably, so the new truck will certainly use it as a nibble for possible buyers. Sunshades, moonroof, and a handful of other features are going to be optional for Acura Pickup Truck.

2020 Acura MDX Pickup Truck Conclusion, Release Date & Price

Effectively, at this time, the Acura Pickup Truck is a considerably-fetched narrative. The luxury truck sector is not encouraging very good sales. The utility will come first whenever we focus on pickups. Even Ford, GM, and FCA are not pressing to produce its premium model. In the make, a difference of fact, the compact class is not a top priority at the moment.

But, on the contrary, Honda requirements one thing to attract consideration. The Japanese company is not striving to sell only this model. This is excellent advertising for all of their truck, crossover, and SUV section, luxurious and non-premium portions. So, all in all, we will keep our consideration for pursuing media about the Acura Pickup Truck, regardless of how improbable its release is now.

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